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The closing date for entries is 11th October 2021.
The Judge is NCPF President Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB APAGB

1. This is a DIGITALLY PROJECTED IMAGES competition.
2. Images must be in ‘jpeg’ format.
3. Image size must not exceed either 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high.
4. File size must not exceed 1MB.
5. The images can be either monochrome or colour.
6. The required entry is SIX images submitted by the club representative.
7. There must be no more than two entries from any member.
8. The images will be marked out of 30.
9. Entries must meet the format criteria indicated below.

Entry Format

The image file name must be in the following format:
{Title}_{Club code}_{Photographer number}

Club codes will be issued individually.
A list of names of the photographers associated with their photographer number must be sent with the entry so that the winner of the individual medal can be identified.

Entries should be submitted by email to

The Beamish Trophy - Entry, Rules & Conditions

Due to the 2020 lockdown the NCPF Beamish Exhibition and Trophy Competition were cancelled.
In view of this the Competitions Sub Committee has decided that FOR ONE YEAR ONLY, the Beamish Trophy Competition will be held in 2021. As in previous years the competition will be PDI’s only. An extended time period from 31st August 2019 to 31st August 2021 has been given to all entrants. Images MUST have been taken at Beamish Museum within this period.
Each entrant can submit up to 2 PDI’s. The PDI file size is maximum 1400 (horizontal) and 1050 (vertical). The file name should be: “title-your name-your club”. All entries should be accompanied with a completed Entry Form (see below).
PDI’s should be emailed to by no later than 15th October. 2021
Judging will take place on 5h November 2021.
No image shall be utilized for commercial purposes. The winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd may be freely used by the museum for promotional purposes. The author will retain copyright. A print of the winning PDI will be made available for the NCPF Annual Awards Event and for exhibiting in the subsequent year at the Beamish Exhibition.

The competition will be judged by an NCPF appointed judge and the awards will be presented as follows:- 1st place – The Beamish Trophy (to be held for one year) and a Certificate. 2nd and 3rd places (and as many ‘Highly Commended’ placings as the judge considers relevant) will receive Certificates. The Awards will be presented at the NCPF Annual Awards Event.

Contact /queries; Joseph Duffy LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB (0191) 4783214249. Bensham Rd., Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE8 1UT.

Whilst all reasonable care will be taken, NCPF accepts no liability for copyright infringement or any regrettable damage/loss. Entries will be at the risk of the owner member.

I accept rules and condition of entry:- Signed .........................................................................................

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