Awards Night 2020-21

Cestria Trophy: Colin Davidson - Boatman.

ATW Trophy: Sue Merrington - Textures and Layers.

Brian Carroll Trophy: Sue Merrington - Three Frogs.

Sam Vickers Trophy: Val Brennan - Verde.

Charles Eagles Trophy: Ray Bell - Matches Old and New.

Elliott Fennell Trophy: John Geddes - Derwent Woods

Photographic Centre Trophy: George Richardson - High and Dry.

Camera Clinic Trophy: John Stephenson - Shadows and Shapes.

Mears Rose Bowl: Photographer of the Year: (Prints ?)

Millenium Trophy: Photographer of the Year: (PDI)

St. Cuthbert's Shield: Overall Quickfire Winner:

Toby Trophy: Best Newcomer: Roberto Aguero

The images can be seen in the GALLERY.