As you are aware, the NCPF organises several events throughout the year, such as the Club Championships, The Annuals Competitions, The International Salon and the Presentation Event. We also organise recruitment workshops for new judges.
These events can only happen if we have people who are prepared to volunteer some of their time to help with their organisation. Some people may not want to be part of the organising team but would be prepared to help with the ‘backroom’ tasks such as setting out chairs or assisting with the judging of prints. Each clubs print entries have to be ordered in sequence and this is only one of the tasks that take place behind the scenes. As attendees or participants, we take this for granted. If you think you could help please get in touch.
Apart from volunteers to help set up for events we are looking for someone to take over the organisation of the NCPF Portfolio.

Organising the portfolio entails:
Sending out booking forms to clubs
Collecting the selected images from the competition secretary
Organise the recording of the judge’s comments for their selected images.
Assemble the final portfolio, produce DVDs and send them to the clubs who have booked them in time for the new season.
Make sure they are available in the correct running order for presentations.
It DOES sound a little daunting, but as always with any task undertaken for the NCPF there are plenty of experienced people who are happy to help and advice where necessary. YOU WOULD NOT BE ON YOUR OWN.
Think about your own club - the syllabus didn’t magically put itself together. Entries for club competitions don’t just appear in front of a judge. Things only happen if there are people to make them happen and as a Federation we have always been extremely lucky that there are people willing to volunteer their time to help us enjoy our hobby.

This can only continue to happen if people are willing to take on these essential roles as they become available.
If you would like more information on this, or any other role within the NCPF please do not hesitate to contact me on 0191 4783214 or email me at

NCPF President