Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of GB through the Northern Counties Photographic Federation

General Competition Rules
To enter any competition you are required to have paid your Subscription Prior to your entry submission.

Any projected image or print which has won a club trophy Cannot be entered again in future club competitions
All entries must have been taken by the author and may be trade processed.
Prints may be from a transparency/negative or digital.

All Monochrome & Colour prints to be mounted and titled in the bottom right hand corner, on the reverse side of the print and be anonymous ( untitled entries will Not be accepted ).

Minimum print size to be 7”x 5” ( 18x13cm ).
Maximum print size ( including mount ) to be 20”x16” ( 50x40cms )
A Monochrome print is a black & white work going from very dark grey ( black ) to a very light grey ( white ), or a print toned entirely in a single colour.

On the other hand, a black & white work modified by partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour
work (polychrome ) to stand in the Colour Section.
Prints are entered on the understanding that the Competition Secretary can retain them, if necessary, for use in Exhibitions & NCPF competitions, etc.

NO MARKS will be given in ANY Club competition.

Projected Digital Images Competitions
Images must be in ‘jpeg’ format.
Image size must not exceed maximum pixel dimensions of 1024 and 768 in the horizontal and vertical planes respectively, together with a resolution of 72.
The name of the image MUST be the title you wish it to be judged by and that title MUST be the only indentifiable information attached to that image and should NOT exceed 25 characters maximum, including spaces.
Entries MUST be on a USB Pen or sent to the PDI SECRETARY.


Cestria Trophy (Projected Digital Images)
Maximum of four entries

Brian Carroll Trophy ( Colour Prints )
Maximum of four entries

Sam Vickers Trophy ( Colour Prints ) (Architecture)
Maximum of four entries

ATW Trophy ( Monochrome Prints )
Maximum of four entries

Charles Eagles Shield ( Digital Projected Images )
Maximum of four entries

Camera Clinic Trophy ( Monochrome Prints )
Maximum of four entries

Elliott Fennell Trophy ( Digital Projected Images )
Subject: Landscape .Maximum of four entries

Photographic Centre Shield ( Colour Prints )
Maximum of four entries.

In the event of oversubscription in the PRINTS COMPETITION the fourth title will be WITHDRAWN.


Mears Rose Bowl ( Photographer of the Year )

Millennium Trophy ( Photographer of the Year PDI )

St. Cuthbert’s Shield ( Overall "QUICKFIRE" Winner )

Toby Trophy ( Best New Member in Competitions )