Programme 2019-20

2nd Chairs evening and Quickfire (extra)
9th Monday night walks + Quickfire
16th Catherine Ball presentation
23rd Internal presentation
30th Cestria Trophy: Judge - Members.

7th Photoshop Lightroom presentation
14th Keith Kirkland." 10 years revisited."
21st Quickfire. 39th Salon
28th A.T.W Judging. - Members.

4th Members 10.
11th Howard Wilson “Spectrum 7”
18th Brian Carroll Trophy: Judge: Albert Wood
25th Quickfire /Fire & Int presentation Chris Graham

2nd Sue Hingley “Cuba”
9th Sam Vickers Trophy: Judge. Ivor Robinson
16th Christmas Dinner.
23rd No Meeting.
30th No Meeting.

6th I Quickfire. Fire & Abba ,Beatles,Stones
13th Charles Eagles Trophy: Judge: Patrick Sheard
20th Alan & Pat Porrett “The Canadian Rockies”
27th My Road to LRPS. Dave Gray.

3rd Show us your editing skills.
10th David Stout “ An evening with”
17th Ian Thomas "Land of Fire and Ice"
24th Quickfire + Triptych

2nd Camera Clinic: Judge: Dave Best.
9th Exchange with Esh Winning
16th Internal Presentation: Chris Whittle
23rd Peter Downs “How to ruin a picture”
30th Role of the NCPF. Joe Duffy

6th Elliott Fennell Trophy: Judge: Mavis McCormick
13th No Meeting.
20th A.G.M.
27th Quickfire + 39th Salon

4th No Meeting.
11th Photographic Centre: Judge: David Illingworth
18th Presentation Evening.

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