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Our programme on the 3rd February lists the topic as being Show us your editing skills.
The plan is that we will see how our editing of our own image compares to how another person would change it.

To take part
1. Send one of your images to Brian, do not edit it in anyway, the larger the image file size the better. jpeg images only please as some members will not have raw editing software. Your image will be edited by someone else in the club.

2, You will receive an image taken by another club member. Please edit the image you have received to your preference.

3. Edit your own image as you would normally [the one previously sent to Brian]

4, Both of the edited images should be resized to 1024 x 768 with a resolution of 72 and then be returned to Brian no later than 27th January please.

It would be good if everyone could take part

Brian's email is

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